Trethevy Quoit

at Trethevy QuoitIn order to find Britain's greatest ancient chill out spots, one is often required to tramp about cold, windswept moors to visit with a few tiny old rocks in the middle of nowhere. Occasionally, however, I just can't be bothered with all that nonsense and I need a quick fix. Something a bit more impressive, that requires a little less physical exertion to reach it. Fortunately for us our Neolithic ancestors have this base covered...Trethevy Quoit.

Quoits are synonymous with Cornwall and Trethevy Quoit, situated on the East of Bodmin Moor, close to The Hurlers, is one of the finest you will see. Not only that, these structures, sometimes referred to as portal dolmen, are also some of the oldest man made structures anywhere, dating to the middle of the Neolithic period. That's old!

Trethevy is also fairly easy to find; it's in a tiny village called Tremar Coombe, which is to be found just off the B3254 about a mile north from St Cleer in Cornwall. There is a tiny signpost at the junction where the road continues on to The Hurlers, however, when we visited, it was pointing down a tiny track to the right. This, we soon found out, is not the way! Stay on the tarmac! Follow the little road along and you soon enter the tiny village, whereupon you can't miss the quoit, which sits in the corner of a little field, opposite a parking spot.

You can't fail to be impressed with this's huge and wonderfully proportioned. Trethevy stands a good nine or ten feet tall at the front, while the capstone, which is massive, sits at a jaunty angle slopping down toward the back of the structure. The stones sit atop a low mound and I guess the whole thing may have been covered way back in the day. OK so what's not to like? Unfortunately, poor Trethevy has lost its place in the landscape. There are some newish houses situated very close to one side of the quoit, and the field in which it sits is encroached on all sides. As a result the quoit now looks out of place and more than a little forlorn. For Shame!

Despite this travesty, Trethevy is very impressive, nicely chilled and extremely close to the car. If that's not a good day out then I just don't know!