Stonehenge: The Odyssey

In order to avoid the crowds that Stonehenge attracts we decided to get a closer, more intimate look and to book a private viewing via English Heritage. Debs, Gazza, Burnsie and Nelson at StonehengeWe also felt that whilst there we may as well gain the maximum effect, so booked a slot that would allow us to witness the sunrise. This seemed like a plan with no faults. However, in order to see the sunrise over Stonehenge you have to get up early! 4:30 AM early! I had always believed that such a time didn't really exist. At that time of the day the line between what is real and what is otherworldly was blurred to such an extent that all that remained was a swirling ethereal mist where time and place no longer exist. Imagine my surprise then when I awoke at the aforementioned time only to find that my supposition was entirely true. There was indeed a thick fog shrouding the landscape just as I had thought. However, I was informed that this was just a summer mist and 4:30 didn't always look that way. (I remain unconvinced).

Undaunted we drove through the pea souper for our 5:00 AM meeting with Stonehenge and what a meeting it turned out to be. The mist shrouded the stones to brilliant effect as we walked amongst them, before giving way to the most awesome sunrise I have ever, ever seen. But don't take my word for it, click on the gallery pictures below to see for yourself! Failing that go and see it for yourself. If I can get out of bed in the middle of the night and still recommend it you know it must be good!