Rollright Stones

The darkness clung to the companions' Cortina like a thick blanket. It was so dark, it appeared that the very fabric of the night had been woven into an Paul and Gazza  with the  Rollright Stonesadamantine barrier before them. The air was still and silent, unbroken save for the distant drone of the Ford 2 Litre. Undaunted the three travellers pressed on. Ever on into the unknown. Suddenly the tyres slid on gravel and the car came to rest in a little lay-by. “Is this it?” asked one of the friends. “I think so”, came the trembling reply. Little did our heroes know, but they had at last reached the ultimate in Chilldome. The Holy Grail of lazy chillseekers that are: The Rollright Stones.

Situated West of Banbury and South of Long Compton in Oxfordshire, the Rollright Stones are without question one of the most chilled spots I have ever visited, anytime, ever. If these babies don't groove your world you are doomed to a life of misery and despair. Someday all Megalithic structures will be built this way.

The Rollright Stones are located centimetres from the little lay-by, making them the nearest thing to a Drive-in Stone Circle anywhere (Ok you can actually drive into Avebury but I'm trying to paint a picture here!). But do not despair chillseekers, for some clever fellow has cunningly fashioned a giant hedge, 'twixt stones and road, which isolates the stones brilliantly. The stones themselves do not have the straight, precise cuts of Stonehenge or Cornwall's Merry Maidens. Instead they are gnarled and twisted, taking on statuesque forms that really are rather impressive. This is one chilled spot. However, as we visited the stones in the middle of the night (always a good time: fewer people), it is possible that the site is not quite as chilled in the middle of the day. But I bet it is!

The Stones that make up the circle are "The King's Men", the Rollright Stones as a whole incorporate a few other stones, which are scattered in fields, in the nearby vicinity. However, as we visited the stones in the middle of the night, we couldn't find the darn things, despite an arduous five minute search. So much for my late night theory.

Despite this criminal waste of energy and chilling time, the Rollright Stones remain high on my list of top mellow sites. But don't take my word for it, go and see them for yourself. Satisfaction guaranteed.