Merry Maidens

The Merry Maidens can be found near Penzance, behind a low hedge beside the B3315 Burnsie with the Merry MaidensNewlyn to Treen road in Cornwall. Although small in stature they are perfectly formed appearing to have been placed there by some miscreant in the not too distant past. But rest assured this Bronze Age stone circle is the real deal and the perfect spot for that mellow moment. There are no burger joints or shops selling ‘Merry Maiden Mugs’, no tourists, no children, no clowns! Just you, in a field, surrounded by some old stones. Bliss.

Despite the Maidens' close proximity to the road, they are wonderfully insulated from the world by the small hedge, appearing more isolated than they really are. A lazy chill seeker's paradise in fact. If you are seeking chilldome, with little chance of hoards of Muppets spoiling the ambience, this site surely takes some beating. It may not be as impressive as your Avebury or Stonehenge, but then it doesn't attract the same lost soles, or require you to pay to see your own birth right!

When reflecting on life's strange ironies, such as Status Quo's ability to earn a living in the music industry, there can be few sites more chilled than this, for so little effort. I heartily recommend paying the Maidens a visit and when you do, say hello from me.