Gazza and Burnsie at Men-an-TolCurious site this one. Men-an-Tol is little more than my picture shows. It consists of four stones: the one with a hole, two small standing stones and one on its back chilling. It is believed to be Bronze Age in origin but the original allignment and number of stones is in question having been bashed about a bit over the years. The monument is to be found close to Bosullow in Cornwall, surround by heath land, just off a little track, which is easily accessed from a parking area. Upon arrival the stark beauty of the moor complements the simplicity of the stones wonderfully. Despite the colossal effort of reaching these stones, (a good five minute walk), the tranquillity is well worth it. The only visible man made objects are the stones themselves. Needless to say, despite the poor laziness factor, the chillometer reads off the scale. This is the kind of site that makes even committed lazy sods like me, think about, contemplating, possibly seeking out, stones further off the beaten track!

Men-an-Tol is steeped with history and many stories abound about its magical and healing properties. Pass a new born infant through the central stone's interior and they shall enjoy good health. Crawl through the hole seven times in a clockwise direction during a Harvest Moon and you may never suffer from muscle or joint problems. Gazza, upon hearing of this, decided, in the interest of research you understand, to put this to the test. However, upon his third or forth circuit through the stone, he threw his back out and could not continue with this valuable research. So much for that hippy nonsense, or could it be that his lack of belief doomed him to failure? Spooky.

Whatever the reason for Gazza's ‘Get Healthy Quick’, failure, Men-an-Tol continues to attract its fair share of weirdoes. It even survived an arson attack a couple of years ago by some some bizarre cult. Strange! In summery, a great little site that is well worth the arduous torture required to reach it.