Here are some links that you may like!

The Megalithic Portal Great site dealing with ancient things in all their forms. Create your own account (it's free) and gain access to extra features. You can even upload your own pictures and evaluations of your favourite Stones in Fields. Be warned though the site is somewhat cluttered and the navigation is not all it could be.

Orkneyjar Privately run site that details the heritage of the Orkney Islands, and does it beautifully. Top site!

Ancient Scotland The author has spent a great deal of time and effort visiting many of Scotland's finest Stones in Fields. The photographic record of his journey is recorded here, along with short descriptions of the sites. He even provides a large, clickable map to help plan your chilled days out. What a good idea!

Knowth Great site detailing Irish Stones in Fields. Loads of information and some fantastic photos of Irish chambered cairns.

Prehistoric UK Small site outlining 'Amazing Prehistoric sites throughout the UK'. I simply had to give them a link as they give Stones in Fields such a nice one!

The Modern Antiquarian Site based on Julian Cope's book: The Modern Antiquarian. Lots of nice pictures although I find the navigation a bit baffling!

Andy Worthington Andy describes himself as a 'Social historian - author of 'Stonehenge: Celebration and Subversion' and editor of 'The Battle of the Beanfield''. His site contains links to numerous sites relating to Britain’s counter-cultural history and the like and is well worth a visit.

Save the Rhino Nothing what so ever to do with standing stones, megaliths or any other prehistoric site in Britain. Nevertheless, they have remained unchanged since before man ever walked the earth, and they now need all the help they can get. So visit this site and give them your support.