The Hurlers

Burnsie The HurlersCornwall is a County that possesses ancient sites a plenty. You can barely move without bumping into a stone circle or tripping over the odd quoit or two. That said perhaps the most splendid of all Cornwall's ancient sites is that of the spectacular ‘three for one deal’ known as The Hurlers.

This unique site contains not one, not two, but three stone circles all right next to each other and very close to a little parking area. Result! The Hurlers are easy to find, situated as they are on the east of Bodmin Moor, about half a mile from the little village of Minions off the B3254.

If you are the sort of person who is prepared to search out lone, two foot tall bits of old rock in the middle of soaking wet, waist height bracken, in December, in drizzly rain, then The Hurlers will blow your mind. The things are everywhere!

The three circles that make up The Hurlers are part of a huge collection of Late Neolithic/Early Bronze Age sites found grouped together around this area of Bodmin Moor. Each of the circles has suffered a fair amount over the years, as not all their number remain in situ and a few are fallen. Nevertheless those that remain are still plentiful, so much so that when chilling amongst them their shape is not easily discernable, appearing to be more random than they actually are. As if all that wasn't enough, the ancient builders also placed two satellite stones, known as The Pipers, a short distance away to the west from The Hurlers themselves. Brilliant!

Unsurprisingly The Hurlers attract a fair number of visitors (and cows), so it is unlikely that you will have the place to yourselves. Despite this it is easy to find a quite spot to unwind and relax, in a little piece of Cornish heaven.