Gwytherin Church

Although not immediately obvious, my quest to find the best chill out spots does not limit me to looking at bits of old rocks in open spaces. Oh no. I am also prepared to visit with old rocks in village churchyards. The excitement never ends! The churchyard in question sits in the centre of the tiny Welsh village of Gwytherin, which can be found north-east of Betws-y-coed on the B5384 where it comes to a point (if you look at a map you'll see what I mean). As I say the village is tiny so you can't miss the church, which stands on high ground right next to the pub.

Gazza and Burnsie at Gwytherin Church

The church itself is rather attractive as are the large yew trees at the entrance. The row of four stones lies to the left of the church atop a very steep bank, which you would not want to be falling down. There are graves located all around the church and I guess our friends could be mistaken for gravestones at a glance, being roughly that size and shape. The whole place has a lovely tranquil feel that churchyards often have and is a great spot for some life contemplation.

However, before you rush off to enjoy this place for your self be warned that things are perhaps not all as they might seem. The alignment of the stones is in considerable doubt as indeed are their number. It is believed that only two of the stones are in any way ancient and they were given two new friends when being located in their current position, not so very long ago. Oh well you can't win them all! Still it's a nice spot to visit if you're passing, just don't get carried away with your hippy offerings to the earth mother (does she like chocolate hob nobs?).