I was somewhat put off by the name of this site, it sounded like one of those South African ranches that turn a profit by allowing rich folk to shoot animals for money. As this would be somewhere I would, at best, be unlikely to visit I was relieved to find that Gamelands was in fact a rather charming Bronze Age stone circle set in some spectacular Cumbrian scenery.

Burnsie at GamelandsIn order to locate many of the sites listed on Stones in Fields I often rely on something many people find extraordinary: a girl (for the purpose of this website we'll call her Debs)! As weird as this sounds Debs is usually unswervingly accurate and can not be faulted, however, on this occasion her directions were not perhaps all they could have been. After wandering around aimlessly for sometime near and around the little village of Orton, just to the east of junction 38 on the M6, we decided to do the sensible thing and go to the pub. Suitably refreshed we left The George armed with proper directions and found Gamelands in next to no time.

After leaving the car in a lay-by just out of the village it is only a short stroll down a little track to the stones, it all seems so easy when you know where you are going! This stone circle was pleasantly surprising, what it lacks in height it makes up for in girth! Indeed it is one of the largest in Cumbria. Most of the stones are still in place, although all are fallen, and are of a decent size ensuring that the original design is still easily visible. The diameter of the circle and the number of stones makes it really quite special but there is a dry-stone wall running dangerously close to one edge (Do circles have edges?). Apart from a few sheep the place was inexplicably deserted given its size, location and proximity to the road, which suited me just fine. The lack of people I mean not the presence of sheep!

Gamelands sure is one chilled spot. The view is spectacular, the stones are large and plentiful and reaching them is unexacting, providing you know the way that is. So go on, treat your self visit these lovely stones in a field. No gun required.