Doll Tor

The little Bronze Age circle known as Doll Tor is the second smallest in Derbyshire (after Ash Cabin Flat) and can be found on the other side of Stanton Moor from the Nine Ladies. However, unlike the Nine Ladies you can visit this circle with the relative certainty that you should make it back to the car alive.

Sandra, Gazza and Debs at Doll TorAlthough a certain amount of trepidation is required you don't have to prepare a will before setting out. When travelling from Stanton-in-Peak to Birchover along the Birchover road, look out for a large boulder in a field to the right and stop in the lay by. This boulder is known as the Andle Stone and it marks the beginning of the route to Doll Tor. Make your way past the Andle Stone down the hill until you come to a small wood with a dry-stone wall running along the right hand side. Follow the wall for about 100 meters and you will see the circle just tucked under the trees on the left.

Although small Doll Tor is rather charming and pretty consisting of six smallish standing stones and several other stones scattered about. Apparently the poor thing has been bashed about a bit over the years but now looks pretty much as it's builders intended 4000 years ago, following recent very sympathetic restoration. Doll Tor is obviously much loved judging by the number of offerings covering the site, and why not? The woodland setting is great (a change from in a field!), the view across the Peaks stunning and the journey survivable!

Oh! There is an old quarry very near by so don't you go falling in!