There can be few stones in fields anywhere in Britain, stationed in a more spectacular spot than Castlerig. Burnsie at Castlerig: January 1st 2000This Late Neolithic stone ring is situated in the heart of the English lakes and the surrounding landscape is stunning. Castlerig can be found between the A66 and the A591 just out of Keswick. Only a small hedge separates the stones from a super convenient parking spot, leaving just one small style for a man: One giant leap for Chilledkind.

I last visited Castlerig on January 1st 2000, so the need for a high Laziness Factor was nothing short of imperative. Fortunately Castlerig provides this, however, several other people also had this same idea so the place was somewhat busy. Nevertheless the air of the new Millennium soon blew the cobwebs out, and it was quite chilled (Come to think of it! It was freezing!). The stones themselves are quite small with an odd little indent on one face. But steady on, check out that view! When awarding the Wow Factor for each site I award it for the stones themselves, but Castlerig receives a special bonus point for its astounding vistas. Somebody really thought this thing through. Top one. Oh! If you were there in a military ambulance, loved your motor mate. Shame about that VW Camper though.

Anyhow, if you're in the Lakes and are looking for a nice chilled spot, with views to die for, then be sure to check this little rascal out. Go on, I know you want to.