Burnsie at Barclodiad-Y-GawresI'm sure that if Bill Gates wanted to he could build a replica of Stonehenge that would be perfect in every detail. If he did I'm equally sure it would be well worth a quick look if you were passing. However, no matter how much time and effort were spent on such an undertaking seeing such a thing could never match the awesome beauty of the real thing. At best it could be viewed as an amusing folly, which could possibly shed some light as to what the original once looked like. Barclodiad-Y-Gawres gives us an idea of what visiting Bill's recreation may be like.

I had seen pictures of this circular burial mound on Anglesey prior to visiting it, I had even seen its condition described as a 'five'. However, what they neglect to tell you is that almost the whole thing is made of concrete! This poor thing has been restored to such an extent that only the faintest shadows of its Neolithic past remain. The inner sanctum can be accessed with the help of a key that you can acquire from a nearby shop. (I know this sounds exciting and like something from a popular video game but it isn't!) Once inside a torch comes in handy to view several medium sized stones, many of which are decorated with spiral patterns and the like, which are the highlight of this ill-conceived refurbishment.

Without doubt the best feature of this site is its spectacular position overlooking the Bay of Porth Trecastell at Aberffraw just off the A4080. It holds commanding views of the bay and westwards out to sea, which really are stunning. That said I'm sure there are plenty of spots on Anglesey's coast that are just as lovely but don't have huge concrete structures resembling Second World War bunkers to spoil the view.

Perhaps I am being a little harsh. The views are beautiful and once inside it is cool and strangely tranquil, therefore Barclodiad-Y-Gawres is worth a quick look but only if you are passing.