Arbor Low

There are two things in the known cosmos that are assured...We are all going to die and the farmer whose land encircles Arbor Low will be grumpy! Now you are armed with this information you have no excuse for not making the most of your short stay on this planet, Burnsie and Matt at Arbor Lowand not unduly upsetting the poor farmer who has been unfairly shackled with being the custodian of this treasure on our behalf.

Arbor Low stone circle can be found quite close to Bakewell in Derbyshire (where the tarts come from). You can find it just off the A515 when heading to Buxton from Ashbourne. It scores well in the laziness stakes, as the stones are situated very close to a parking area, via the farm outbuildings. This walk may be accompanied by cries of “gert orf my land” which doesn't exactly add to the ambience we are seeking, but does lend something of a comedic value to the proceedings. Once the stones have been accessed, however, they are well worth the visit.

The stones are located upon a large earthwork surrounded by a shallow ditch. Their placement provides great views and despite their close proximity to the farm, the area feels strangely remote and tranquil, scoring well in the chilled department. All of Arbor Low's stones lie flat on their backs (the technical term is recumbent, but I'm sure you don't care), but this is not how the ancient architects intended them to be. The general consensus asserts that Arbor Low's stones were originally stood up but their creators didn't bother to dig deep enough foundations and they have toppled over. Perhaps they too were inherently lazy. Maybe I am one of their descendants! In any case, call me old-fashioned but I like my standing stones, well... standing, therefore, the wow factor is slightly reduced but overall not a bad spot to reflect on life's rich tapestry.

Oh! If you must chant infantile slogans such as: "Your land? This land is our land", do so quietly. We don't want to go upsetting anybody.