One Man's Calling to Find the Most Chilled Spot in Britain

Burnsie in a Field with Some Stones!For those few who don't know me, I'm Burnsie and I have spent not much time at all (see below), seeking out some of the most chilled stone circles, megaliths, burial mounds and prehistoric sites around Britain. I have been accompanied on this quest by an assortment of dullards who are hardly worth a mention, but mention them I must. In the interest of making the world a bit more chilled, it has now fallen upon me, to impart the knowledge I have amassed to those who seek enlightenment.

To fully understand the ethos of this site you must know this of me... I am mindmeltingly lazy. However, this presents something of a problem when searching for the ultimate chill out spot: the best sites are, almost without exception, those furthest from picnic areas and car parks. Therefore, despite my crippling disability (i.e.. The aforementioned laziness), I have gone to great lengths to find chilled spots that I can be bothered walking to from the nearest convenient parking place. Consequently, I have awarded each site not only a Chill Factor but also a Laziness Factor. These are complemented by a Wow Factor, with each award having a high of five and a low of one. Just click the buttons, and the sheep will reveal how each site rates in the search for the ultimate in chilldome.

This site is not intended to provide masses of historical or directional information about Britain's Stones in Fields. It is designed with the serious chill seeker in mind. However, I hope to have provided enough information to enable said seekers, to actually find the sites! Should you desire more detailed information regarding the former, look else where, or see my Links. If you like my site, or even if you don't, why not let me know at

Disclaimer: Some, or all, of the information given may be false. Although next to no effort was made, Burnsie accepts no responsibility whatsoever for clothes, haircuts or the ugliness of his friends. No hippies were hurt during the making of this web site!

The Stone Circle
The Stone Circle